5 May 2021

"The best job in the world."

Image: Meander Valley Mayor Wayne Johnson officially opened the event a short time ago with brothers Agfest Chairman Ethan Williams and Rural Youth Tasmania State President Jake Williams.

Attendees at this year’s Agfest will have the opportunity to talk with Life Without Barriers Carer Ambassador Katie Wells about, what she says is the best, and most rewarding, job in the world.

“My husband and I decided 18 years ago we had room in our home and hearts to give a child or maybe more than one, a loving stable home. We made a phone call and found out that there was a huge need for families and homes,” says Katie.

“Fostering has grown me as a person, and it changed our lives. It has opened up a whole new world, that we didn’t know existed. It strengthened our family.”

Katie says there are some common questions people ask her about being a foster carer such as who can be a foster carer?

“I get loads of questions about what you have to have and “do” to be a carer. The fact is, you can be of any race or nationality, or religion, anyone in the LGBTQI+ community, married, divorced, kids or no kids, a grandma or a single farmer.

“Doing the course provided will give you and the Life Without Barriers team a good idea how fostering can work for you,” says Katie.

And there is loads of help on hand. “There is always support, advice, training and a listening ear on the journey. It’s a village approach with Life Without Barriers”.

The rewards of being a foster carer are endless. “You can be an amazing part of a child’s life, making a huge difference, that could influence them forever. If they get to go home that’s a win in our eyes,” says Katie.

“Seeing a child go from being anxious and uncertain, to letting go of those worries, and being able to laugh and interact and play, knowing you’ve made a difference, it makes it the best ‘job’ in the world”.

Image: Foster care ambassador Katie standing outside. She is facing away from the camera and 'Be a Foster Carer ask me how' is printed on her shirt.

If you have any questions or want to come and have a chat with Katie or any of the Life Without Barriers team, you can find us near the entrance of this year’s Agfest.

Or call our team in Hobart on 03 6232 8750.

When is Agfest 2021?

  • Agfest in the Paddock 5-8 May: four-day field day opening on Wednesday and running to Saturday.

  • Agfest in the Cloud 8 -15 May : following the successful ‘Cloud’ event in 2020.

Image: The Ag Artwear Competition has become a popular feature at Agfest. The competition challenges designers to create a wearable art garment from materials found on farms, in farming-related industries or sources from the land. Then taking these everyday materials and transforming them into unique garments. The Ag Artwear Competition is open to all ages and most of our entries are from students, highlighting the amazing talent of people in Tasmania.

Images via Agfest Field Days, Tasmania Facebook page.

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