16 February 2021

From needing his mum for everything to thriving in Supported Accommodation.

Matthew has been happily living in Life Without Barriers’ Supported Accommodation for the last three years. It was a big transition for Matthew and his mum Kate, who had been Matthew’s primary carer for his first 17 years of life.

Mathew is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum so relied on his mum for most daily tasks, including feeding and dressing.

Kate admits that life was sometimes tough for both her and Matthew. Kate also lives with a disability and said trying to juggle the needs of her son as well as her own has been difficult at times.

Kate decided to reach out to Life Without Barriers and chose supported accommodation as part of their NDIS plan.

Working closely with Life Without Barriers, Kate helped Matthew settle into his new Supported Independent Living home. The transition in Matthew and his personality since the move has been amazing.

Image: Matthew shopping in a department store. He is looking at black spatulas. He is wearing a white long sleeved t-shirt and black vest.

Matthew is now an active participant in the house, feeding himself and enjoying the outdoors. He has gained so much independence over the past three years and Kate said the positive changes are phenomenal.

“He doesn’t need me as much anymore – which is a great thing,” said Kate.

Matthew's destructive behaviours have stopped, and he now has a vibrant personality and is always smiling. He enjoys going to the park and to school which he attends five days a week.

“Living in supported accommodation has changed Matthew, he’s got a life now.”

Matthew’s relationship with his mum has also changed, he is less dependent on Kate and in return, Kate is able to take better care of herself.

“Matthew has got his own voice now.”

Image: Matthew is at the beach. You can see the ocean in the background. He is wearing a red t-shirt and holding a blue and green toy closely to his face.

Supported Accommodation

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