16 November 2021

Queensland Foster and Kinship Care Inc. (QFKC) represents more than 5700 Foster and Kinship Carers in Queensland.

Cass at the Life Without Barriers Foster Care booth at the Queensland Foster and Kinship Care Conference.

The conference provides a wonderful opportunity to bring together like-minded people including foster carers carers, government and non-government staff to participate in professional development, network and have fun.

The conference theme 'The Challenge of Change Shaping the Future' draws upon the outcomes and feedback from the conference's 2019 carer forums where carers, together with agency and departmental staff, not only expressed current challenges within the child protection system and identified positive change that can shape the future and enhance the lives of our children and young people.

Life Without Barriers had a number of speakers attend the conference. Veronica Marin, Manager, Program Advancement and Implementation, was one of those speakers.

Courtney Patterson CARE & TCI Practitioner and Veronica Marin, Manager, Program Advancement and Implementation on the stage. Courtney is on the left wearing a yellow shirt. Veronica is on the right wearing a striped t-shirt

“We had a fantastic day at the Queensland Foster and Kinship Care conference. Courtney Patterson, Care & TCI Practitioner, and I facilitated a workshop on Helping Kids Do Well, exploring key concepts from the CARE model and focusing on our responses in everyday moments and the power of the developmental relationship." She said.

"We had an amazing group of participants! Thanks to those that came along and shared the experience.”

Cass, Carer Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator from Queensland’s North Coast office was also in attendance and managed the Life Without Barriers conference stall. Here she had the opportunity to meet a number of people.

"The conference was a great networking event. I met so many industry staff that I had spoken to on the phone or via email, and now in person!" she said.

Rob Ryan, Executive, Strategy and Engagement standing on the stage presenting

Life Without Barriers thanks the conference organisers for putting on the event, and will be sure to be back again next year for the 2022 conference.

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