1 June 2018

Joblife believes in a job for everybody and they exist to partner with those with disability to help them find meaningful and sustainable employment.

Joblife staff are located at 26 Life Without Barriers offices and they provide varied services depending on the needs of the client.

The first service JobLife provides is for job seekers with permanent disability who require ongoing support in the workplace and the second service is for job seekers with disability who need help gaining employment, but don’t need long-term support at work.

Joblife provide free disability employment services to eligible clients. Their service includes:

  • Flexibility in location and times for meetings

  • Access to networks to help you get a job

  • In-depth preparation before referral to a job

  • Access to smartphones to ensure people stay connected and makes the job search as easy as possible

  • Continual support when starting a job

To learn more chat to a Joblife Employment Consultant on 1800 319 502

Joblife is a joint partnership between Life Without Barriers and Angus Knight Group.

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