3 December 2018

Today we are celebrating International Day of People with a Disability all across Australia. The theme this year is empowering people with a disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.

Our Chief Executive Claire Robbs said that this is something the organisation works to do every day.

"Our purpose is to partner with people to change lives for the better and we are passionate about supporting people with a disability, their families and supporters in the community to live the life they want to lead and fulfil their potential,” Claire said. 

“As part of that, we are fierce advocates for the NDIS as a program that allows people with a disability to choose the supports and services that best meet their needs, and that enables them to participate in community life.”

We have also been working hard to increase inclusion especially in the employment space, both within LWB and the broader sector. Other examples of organisations and individuals leading the way in inclusion, accessibility and equality can be seen below. 

Paving the way to more inclusive societies

In recent times we've seen Coles introduce a Quiet Hour for people with autism, the first ever 100% accessible music festival, Ability Fest, launch in Melbourne and the Sydney Invictus Games shine a spotlight on Sydney's accessibility with users able to share first-hand accounts of things that could be improved. In arts and entertainment we were thrilled to see ABC's Employable Me broaden the conversation around disability employment and when Season 2 airs in May 2019, one of our very own LWB clients will be featured as a job seeker! A fully accessible water park Morgan's Wonderland opened in the USA, the South Australian Film Corporation launched paid opportunities for filmmakers with disabilities to tell their stories and hairdressers have begun adapting to the needs of children with autism. Such a simple thing, but a huge milestone for families.

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