10 January 2017

Unbroken Land: Artists with disability wow audiences with their stage performances about connection to nature, place and belonging.

Incite Arts aims to explore new ideas and create exceptional art with the community, by the community and for the community.

Since 2004, Incite Arts has championed the development of arts and disability practice. Committed to access  and inclusion in all aspects of its work, Incite has become nationally recognised as the premier community arts company in Central Australia.

The ‘stArts with D’ (SWD) Performance Ensemble comprises emerging artists with disability. SWD formed as a result of Incite Arts grass roots accessible arts program in 2011 creating the community acclaimed, first of its kind, performance project ‘Close to Me’. 

Collaborating with a team of Incite’s skilled artists/mentors under the direction of nationally recognised Director Kat Worth, SWD developed its inaugural multi arts performance work ‘Somebody Everybody’, presented in 2013. And in 2014, members of the SWD Ensemble worked with the Incite Arts team to create the short dance film ‘Meet You at the Edge’. 

In 2015, SWD artists were a part of the inaugural UNBROKEN LAND presentation at the Alice Springs Desert Park. This was the first time audio description for people with a vision impairment has been provided for a live presentation in Alice Springs. The SWD Ensemble was again a key group at the heart of UNBROKEN LAND 2016.

UNBROKEN LAND 2016 presents stories of connection to nature, place and belonging. Incite’s vision for this year was to create art that is about a world we want to live in and not the one that is currently shown to us in much of popular culture.

Life Without Barriers is honoured to be a long term partner with Incite and the SWD Ensemble, as well as the Alice Springs Disability Sector at large.

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