9 December 2020

One of the ways we celebrated IDPWD in WA was by running a free Employment Workshop and Football Coaching Clinic in partnership with Joblife Employment and Perth Integrated Football.

The attendees learnt a lot, played a lot and enjoyed the free snags!

Life Without Barriers was very excited to be able to partner with Joblife Employment and Perth Integrated Football for International Day of People with Disability to present a 'Job Employment Training Squad'.

This was an opportunity for people of all abilities to hear JobLife to present the A B C's of finding a job and defining a career, and the assistance they can give people, by way of guidance, helping to create job ready applicants with assistance with resume's, referrals, connection to appropriate training and education and financial assistance such as connection to wage subsidy assistance, licenses and tickets required.

The JobLife team were informative and engaging, delivering information that was clear, easy to understand and extremely helpful to all who were there. Whilst everyone shared an amazing morning tea afterwards, the JobLife staff of Nicole, Alison and Corie made themselves available to assist people further on a one to one basis.

This was followed by Hayden Marchetto from the WA All Abilities Football Association, who spoke to people's passion for Aussie rules football, and the benefits of playing sport, focusing on the social, emotional and personal growth associated with being a part of a team. Hayden reiterated that the Perth Football League Integrated Competition is about fairness and equality, respect and dignity, teaching individuals how to strive and succeed, how to cope with success and disappointment and bringing people together with a common goal.

These personal values and qualities that we all develop align with the values and principles needed to succeed in the workforce, and Hayden was able to advise and encourage all who were there to continue to develop their skills in both of these areas.

Following on from this, everyone was joined by Rick 'The Rock' Eagle, mascot of the West Coast Eagles, for a fun football coaching clinic, where everyone was able to learn some hints and tips to develop their football skills and to show their kicking prowess on the field. There were lots of laughs, fun and competition, and hungry tummies were treated to a sausage sizzle afterwards.

It was a fantastic and well-presented day by both Joblife and the WA All Abilities Football Association, in conjunction with the Life Without Barriers disability team.

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