1 October 2020

The NDIA is working to improve Supported Independent Living (SIL). They have already made some improvements to SIL, to make the process more transparent and easier-to-understand, but are now inviting your feedback.

Although SIL helps many participants meet their goals of living a more independent life, giving participants choice and control over their SIL supports remains difficult.

The NDIA have proposed a solution to this problem, which explores how operational activities and billing arrangements can be improved. The aim is to build a transparent, simpler, and structured process that will see funding consistently distributed based on participant need whilst ensuring equity and NDIS sustainability. The NDIA would like to understand what providers think of the solution proposed in the paper.

The NDIA invites registered and non-registered providers, support coordinators and industry representatives to make a submission. They will also be running discussion groups with some providers, however they encourage all providers to provide a written submission to the consultation paper.

Download the consultation paper from the NDIS website (also available in Easy Read), and use the submission questions to guide your response. Submissions close at Monday 10:00 am AEST 19 October 2020. Download the consultation paper here.

Participant Survey

The NDIA are also running a short survey for participants who receive SIL supports, their families and carers. They want to hear about their experiences of SIL and what they think about SIL. The survey is available here. For any questions or concerns, please email sil.consultation@ndis.gov.au.

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