6 May 2020

Take a look at the cartoon series “Gus talks COVID-19 with kids, for kids!” where Gus the Gorilla explains what coronavirus is and what it can mean for kids in care.

CREATE Foundation have released a fantastic series of accessible animated videos about COVID-19 for children. The series is called 'Gus talks COVID-19 with kids, for kids!'

As a national organisation for a community of over 45,000 children and young people in care around Australia, CREATE was keen to produce a resource that could help kids understand the impact of the Coronavirus, and give them the confidence to reach out for support if they needed it.

The series of short animations is largely targeted at children in out-of-home care (but is relevant for children in the general community) about COVID-19. CREATE were conscious that children with a care experience are likely to be more vulnerable in this time than their peers in the general community and wanted to contribute to the great work being done around the country by foster carers, residential workers and caseworkers.

In producing the videos, CREATE broadly focused on the questions they received from their clubCREATE members. The series addresses some commonly held concerns, talking directly to kids in a way they understand.

With a lot of help from CREATE’s mascot, a purple gorilla named Gus, CREATE has released four of the five videos.

  1. What is Coronavirus?

  2. Why do we have to stay home so much?

  3. The impacts of COVID-19 for children in resi care.

  4. Going to school.

  5. TBC!

CREATE has a range of other COVID-19/Social Distancing resources on their website, including:

Image via CREATE Foundation

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