26 June 2018

The closing of the Life Without Barriers Day Centre in Claremont and the introduction of the NDIS has meant greater choice for our clients.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolling out across the country, giving people with disability more choice around the services they receive. So what does that mean for our clients in Tasmania?

In the past, hundreds of people accessed the Life Without Barriers day centre in Claremont. With the introduction of the NDIS, Life Without Barriers made the decision to close the centre in December 2017, so they could be more connected with the community.

Now, every day is different for staff and clients; in small groups, they go ten-pin bowling, learn to cook, work on literacy skills, garden and make music at the DrumBeats program. Programs take place throughout Hobart and surrounding suburbs in a range of community-based facilities, giving participants the opportunity to build their skills while being active in their community.

So what does a typical day look like for our clients now?

It varies based on their interests. Joshua now goes to West Moonah Community Centre for cooking classes and down to his local café to order a coffee. Joshua has taught the barista some sign language, so that he can order his coffee easily. Dave loves exercise and playing sport. He works out at the YMCA and plays cricket and footy at the Glenorchy Football Club across the road. Bec and Nicolle, two ladies in their 20s go shopping with Life Without Barriers support workers Chloe and Lauren. The group have much more freedom and flexibility in their days; they go op shopping, go to the hairdresser, get their nails done, and head home in the afternoons to relax. The NDIS has meant flexibility and choice for clients. We are thrilled to be supporting our clients as they achieve their new goals thanks to the NDIS.

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