9 March 2022

“If I don’t become attached and love and care for the children then I am not doing my job very well” - Debbie.

Debbie and her family at the cocktail event.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Devonport City Council recognised the contributions and achievements of local women through its ‘Diamonds of Devonport’ program and organised a cocktail party on March 8.

Debbie, a Foster Carer in Tasmania for Life Without Barriers, was one of the local women recognised.

Debbie has been an active community member in Devonport for many decades which includes volunteering as a basketball coach, running a Family Day Care business and providing Foster Care to many children and families for many years, and finally in her current role as a Foster Carer with Life Without Barriers.

Debbie has provided respite and primary care for many children over the past 3 years including working with families in order for children to return to their care. Debbie is well regarded by those she works with at Child Safety and is a highly valued and skilled member of the Life Without Barriers team.

Debbie loves and cares for children who enter her care like they are her own grandchildren and becomes very attached to them. Debbie has said that, “If I don’t become attached and love and care for the children then I am not doing my job very well.”

She is dedicated and committed and the needs of the children always come first.

Debbie was joined at the cocktail party by her family and Life Without Barriers’ Tassie Carer Engagement Officer Kylie Gibbs.

Kylie said, "It was wonderful to join Debbie as she awarded a certificate for the Community Achievement award due to her amazing contributions to the Devonport community over the years.

"She’s one of our fabulous Foster Carers who always puts the needs of the children in her care first."

"Debbie’s proud parents joined her along with one of her families from her family day care days and of course the gorgeous little one currently in her care who thoroughly enjoyed the bright lights and activity of the evening. 

"Debbie was proud to see some young girls she use to coach also nominated for the young achievers category.  Debbie was rather overwhelmed by the whole experience but stood proud as a valued Life Without Barriers Foster Carer. 

Since its inception in 2012, Diamonds of Devonport have recognised the efforts of more than 267 women who live or work within our community.

Image: Right, Tasmanian Foster Carer Debbie with Kylie Carer Engagement Officer.

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