Dean is a 'working man' now!

9 November 2020

Dean is proud to have begun work in supported employment with Afford!

Dean is now part of the Afford team! With the help of Life Without Barriers, Dean is in supported employment with Afford and helps with packing, including packing headphones for flights. He initially started with the business a few hours a week, and now he does two days at four hours each, with plans to increase.

After his first shift, Dean travelled home on the train after work and came in with a big smile on his face saying he made a friend and was also treated to a pizza lunch to celebrate his first day.

Dean takes his job seriously and has purchased a new alarm clock to make sure he is never late to work. He will also gladly tell anyone who will listen that he is a 'working man' now.

Although he was excited to work, Dean can be a little shy. To help build Dean's confidence his support workers suggested that he join a bowling group. Dean has made a lot of friends at bowling and having a fun hobby has increased his self-confidence, which then encourages him to be more confident at work!

The encouragement from his support team is also building his confidence and he has high hopes and working in a coffee shop in the future!

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