27 May 2022

Olivia and Mitch learn about their culture and traditional Aboriginal art at Red Hands Cave.

Close up of two Aboriginal children smiling at the camera with their heads together

At Life Without Barriers, we know how important it is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care to remain connected to their own culture. Our Cultural Support Specialists facilitate cultural experiences and Return to Country trips for the young people in our care to ensure they have a connection with their culture.

Cheryl Moss, Cultural Support Specialist, recently took two Aboriginal young people we support, Olivia* and Mitch*, to Darug country to teach them about the local area and embrace how Aboriginal people lived off the land.

The group enjoyed a day of exploring the beautiful bush and the surroundings.

“Mitch and Olivia were filled with wide-eyed wonder as they explored Darug country for the first time,” said Cheryl.

Kookaburra perched on a branch in a gum tree

Cheryl also showed Oliva and Mitch an Aboriginal site known as Red Hands Cave.

Red Hands Cave, located in the Blue Mountains National Park, is one of the best showcases of Aboriginal rock art in the area.

Both Mitch and Olivia are interested in art and nature. They were excited to visit this site and learn more about traditional Aboriginal art practices.

“We discussed how Aboriginal people use art to tell stories and we can still see these stories thousands of years later. We also discussed how Aboriginal people traditionally used ochre paints and natural colours,” said Cheryl.

Close up of the wall in Red Hands Cave with white handprints in the red rock

Returning to Country and learning more about their culture and cultural practices whilst connecting to nature was a very special and immersive experience for Mitch and Olivia.

A persons' story is precious. We take story telling seriously. Sometimes people are able to tell their own story and we love that. We always make sure they give us their ok and we will always honour the trust placed in us to bring their story forward.

*Names have been changed to protect the children in this story.

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