8 January 2020

Our teams know the importance of being in-tune with the behaviours of the people we support, that way they can act quickly when they notice slight changes.

Colin* lives in a Life Without Barriers Independent Living residence in outer-Melbourne. He is in his mid-twenties with a passion for cooking. He also lives with autism and epilepsy and has limited speech.

In mid-2017, Colin’s carers noticed that his behaviour was changing. He was becoming withdrawn and simple tasks like showering became stressful. Colin's care team knew Colin well and by watching and connecting with Colin it became clear he was frustrated because he was having difficulty expressing his sensory needs.

His carers responded immediately, implementing a strategy to reduce his anxiety and stress. Colin’s routine was changed with input from Colin and his support network to provide more flexibility, and a new sensory wall installed in the shower to create a calming environment.

Colin’s wellbeing improved and he’s back enjoying family dinners and cooking up a storm. Nevertheless, our staff remain flexible and proactive, so they are best positioned to anticipate and respond if Colin’s sensory needs change again.

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