10 January 2020

A wheelchair is more than a mobility device, it means independence.

Carly* is in her late twenties. Living in one of our Supported Independent Living residences in Melbourne gives her the independence she values above all else. She has an intellectual disability, epilepsy and cerebral palsy but uses a motorised wheelchair to get out and about and watch movies, which she loves.

When a finger injury limited her ability to use her wheelchair, Carly became frustrated sometimes expressing this frustration through anger with her support team.

Life Without Barriers staff have spent lots of time with Carly, understanding what she likes and what is important to her. They understood that Carly just wanted to be able to get back to her usual independent self!

Knowing how important independence was to Carly, our team had her wheelchair fixed within 12 hours and they implemented new procedures to ensure she could continue to enjoy outings, even during recovery time.

*Images and name changed for privacy reasons

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