18 June 2020

From anxiety to winning a LEGO set! The power of photography.

Angus* came into the care of Life Without Barriers in the last year and experienced some anxiety with the change. Like a lot of children and adults, his anxiety increased when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The team supporting Angus set to work spending one-on-one time with him and focused on building a positive relationship. During these sessions, staff discovered that Angus was a budding artist with an interest in photography. Wasting no time at all, the staff borrowed the local Life Without Barriers camera and took Angus on a shoot!

Angus spent a great afternoon taking photos and said that being able to engage in an activity that he was so passionate about reduced his anxiety levels and gave him something positive to focus on. 

Over the last few weeks the Life Without Barriers teams in the Shailer Park region held a competition where young people in our care were asked to submit photos of what they had been doing to occupy themselves whilst the coronavirus restrictions were in place. 

Angus submitted the photos he had taken with the Life Without Barriers camera and ended up winning the competition! The judges were blown away by his shots.

The praise and acknowledgement he received has really worked wonders for Angus' self-confidence and self-efficacy and is a perfect example of the implementation of the Life Without Barriers CARE principles.

Angus was thrilled with his new LEGO set and that the team took the time to get to know him and find out his passions and hobbies in a trying time.

*Name has been changed to protect the children in our care.

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