14 January 2022

Music is a powerful (and fun) thing.

A music session with everyone joining in!

It can heal, inspire, and comfort people. For people living with a physical and intellectual disabilities, music can be an even more powerful thing, helping them to respond and engage with activities through music.

Ebrima Marong, has been working for Life Without Barriers in Alice Springs as a Disability Support Worker since 2015. Every week, Marong shares his gift of music with the people in our Alice Springs Day Program.

Ebrima is one of the most vibrant workers in the program who finds his job both joyful and fulfilling.

“Everybody looks forward to their music session each week,” says Devine, a work colleague of Marong.

“He has a great spirit and brings so much energy to each session."

"As soon as he starts playing the drums everyone joins in, making their own music.”

Born in The Gambia, West Africa, Marong has been performing professionally since the age of 12. Marong developed his skills in the coastal fishing village where he grew up surrounded by the griots (hereditary musicians) who were his mentors for Senegambian drumming rhythms, melodic kora music and vivid dance style of his culture.

Marong’s drumming workshops runs three days a week!

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