23 August 2022

Tex is ready to take on the world with a little help from his support staff.

Image: Jason 'Tex' playing the guitar

Jason or ‘Tex’, as he prefers to be called, absolutely loves music and has dreams of becoming a country music star.

Tex is a stage name Jason uses when playing music, "that's the name that my stepfather calls me, Tex, he plays music too. It comes from the song Tex from the borderline (AKA Texas QLD 4385) by Lee Kernaghan, my favourite song, it's about me." Tex explained.

Tex’s love of country music is ingrained in him. He grew up in Mudgee where country music is prominent, and his family have encouraged him to explore music and guitar from a young age.

“I picked it up when I was seven, my uncle and aunty play, my aunty taught me to play guitar. Music runs in the family.

"I used to serenade my Nan, she loved it."

Tex has been attending Novotone Newcastle, a rehearsal space and professional recording studio at Carrington. Recently Tex has started recording his own tracks and is compiling his first EP with the intention to release it for sale.

The EP will be a mix of Tex's originals, and some covers of his favourite country music bands, including Lee Kernaghan. A couple of his original songs relate to family members who have passed, and they will debut on the album.

Mitch Kerr, his support worker, has been attending Novotone with Tex. "When I go in, we set up drums, we play, record and practice all the time." says Tex.

Image: Tex jamming with his support worker at the Novotone Newcastle

Mitch, will play the drums and set the beat, and Tex will play along. The staff working at the studio, all professional musicians, take turns to come in and jam with Tex.

"Tex is definitely the centre of attention when he's in the studio, they love him. They’re amazing guys, a really good community group." says Michael Wolfe, team leader.

“I had a discussion with Jason where he stated to me, with the biggest smile, that he is now a star!

"It was absolutely brilliant to see him so happy and proud of what he has been doing collectively with Mitch.”

Tex sitting in front of a computer in the recording studio.

Tex also had a country-themed photoshoot, which was arranged by Mitch, with local photographer Alex Jack. Tex is ecstatic with the photos and will choose one to be the cover of his album.

"I got one with the ute, some with my guitar, a couple with Michael and Mitch… it's good to be the star!"

Tex, hopes to meet Lee Kernaghan one day, so Michael and Mitch are making plans to reach out to Lee and see what they can arrange. Tex is hoping that his newfound fame will get Lee's attention, and maybe one day he will even play in Tamworth!

Image: Tex sitting out the front of the Novotone Newcastle

When asked how long it will be before the EP is ready, Tex said it could be a couple of months, but he will let us know when as soon as it's ready so we can listen.

"I'm happy, I'm ready, I'm looking forward to going back in the studio, and when I finish the album it will be good, it will be a star maker. Then I'll go to Tamworth to sing my songs." We can not wait to get our hands on a copy!

A Huge thank you to Alexandra Jack who kindly donated their time and skills to take the photos of Jason.

Website: https://alexjackphotography.com/

Instagram: @alexjack.photography

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