17 June 2024

Life Without Barriers acknowledges and celebrates the many crucial contributions of the people who have found freedom in Australia as Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

We continue to invest in programs that assist Refugees and Asylum Seekers transition to Australian communities because we fundamentally believe that all people have the right to freedom. In supporting refugees, we uphold our commitment to human rights and reaffirm the values of compassion and inclusivity.

In our 15 years of offering these vital services, our teams have witnessed the remarkable, and multifaceted contributions of those who have come to our country seeking a safe place to call home. And while those contributions are often overlooked in the politicisation of migration policy, we are committed to celebrating and appreciating how Refugees and Asylum Seekers continue to enrich the fabric of our communities.

In doing so, we can challenge negative stereotypes and encourage all Australians to contribute to building a more inclusive and understanding nation.

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