27 May 2024

Reconciliation asks us to walk a shared journey towards national unity. The heartbeat of Reconciliation resides in the understanding and relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-indigenous Australians and the collective striving for progress and inclusion. It's about acknowledging the truth of our nation's history and its ongoing impact on First Nations Peoples and believing in a future built on thriving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture.

Reconciliation Week begins on National Sorry Day on 26 May. This day signifies the 1996 Bringing them Home report – the inquiry unearthed harmful state-sanctioned policies allowing the forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families. The report elevated to the national stage the atrocities inflicted on First Peoples and recommended a National Apology be given and reparations offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families, and communities. Our Nation responded with sorrow and now more than ever we must ask ourselves what more we need to do to ensure we do not repeat history. After the Referendum on the Voice to Parliament, Australia stands at a crucial crossroads in our reconciliation journey. Now more than ever, unity is essential. We must take decisive action to secure a future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and environment thrive, benefiting us all.

We envision an Australia that learns from its past and moves forward together. That includes confronting the role of racism in our society and being the generation to rid ourselves of the toxicity and corrosive effect racism causes.

Together with millions of Australians, Life Without Barriers reaffirms our dedication to reconciliation, understanding that unity is fundamental to a brighter future for all.

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