31 May 2023

Life Without Barriers has decided to take a break from using Twitter as a result of escalating racism, harm and targeted attacks that are currently unmanaged by the Platform.

We use social media at Life Without Barriers to support, engage and promote true social purpose and social justice. As platforms and users, we are all responsible for shaping a more respectful and inclusive digital world. It's our duty to nurture constructive debate that advances our country and elevates opportunity for all. That also means firmly denouncing any form of harm, including racism, discrimination and targeted attacks.

We believe we have to make a choice about the environments in which we seek to collaborate on social justice and for now, we do not see Twitter as a safe and constructive place to do that. As an organisation, we believe to be true allies, we must take action and for now, that means suspending our engagement on Twitter.

We encourage Twitter to step forward in its leadership and foster a platform that connects us with the appropriate safety necessary in the national and global environment.

Life Without Barriers will continue to share, support and engage in discussions via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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