20 May 2019


Following the outcome of the 2019 Federal Election, Life Without Barriers congratulates the Morrison Government and is looking forward to continuing to work with the Coalition on key social issues affecting Australians.

Life Without Barriers has a constructive working relationship with the Liberal National Government on many areas of social policy including disability services and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Going into the election campaign, the Coalition committed to a series of policies strongly focussed on ensuring all Australians of working age can participate in the employment market.

Life Without Barriers Chief Executive Claire Robbs said:

“Employment for people with disability needs to continue to be a core area of focus, given the rate of unemployment for people with disability is three times higher than for people without disability.”

“If we want a truly inclusive society built on strong foundations of opportunities for independence through labour market participation, we must work together to change the current situation faced by far too many people with disability. We applaud policies that genuinely focus on supporting people with disability through employment.”

As the NDIS continues to roll out across the country, collaboration to address and refine how it is working for people with disability will rely on true collaboration.

“I know Scott Morrison and his Government are supporters of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and are committed to seeing it truly deliver for people with disability, their families and carers. Together we have been able to explore solutions to some of the intricacies faced by service providers to advance the effective
working of the Scheme for the people it is intended for.

“Life Without Barriers will continue to lend our expertise and insights as one of Australia’s largest disability providers, in order to ensure the scheme is the positive reform it was intended,” Claire Robbs said.

As the not-for-profit sector continues to work directly with government during major social reforms, Life Without Barriers sees a critical component being the ability of the Federal Government and the not-for-profit sector to work in partnership towards common goals for Australians who need support.

“We believe it is through true partnership that we will be able to continue to advance the quality of life for many Australians in need of support and we look forward to working closely with the Morrison Government continuing into the future,” Claire Robbs said.

As the Liberal National Government prepares in the coming weeks to finalise its new ministry, it is important the Government retains focus on key social issues in order for Australians who are relying on the Government’s policy agenda to be assured they will not be left behind.

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