9 November 2023

Caves Beach Local, Georgia Duncan has used her lived experiences with autism to create a line of sensory-friendly bath bombs in the hope of encouraging other people living with disability to relax, unwind and engage in self-care.

The small business owner started “Witchy Bath Bombs” as a pathway to employment and as a way to share with others how important it is to take time to wind down and relax.

“I wanted to do bombs that relax me, like when I am having an experience of sensory overwhelm,” Georgia said.

"The smells and colours are calming and the way it feels in the water is really nice - it just adds a nice texture to the water, which I really like. When I am feeling heightened, they calm me. They work wonders.

“While we make the bath bombs in a way that’s sensory-friendly, they aren’t just for people with autism or sensory needs. What we have created are artisanal vegan bath bombs with skin-friendly scents and dried botanicals for everyone to enjoy.

Georgia started making bath bombs as a pathway to employment when joining Young People’s Employment Pathways (YPEP), which that supports young people with disability to gain work ready skills and experience to find the job that is right for them.

Over 2 million Australians of working age have a disability, however, 93% of people of working age with a disability, like Georgia, report experiencing difficulties finding employment.

Image: Lesley Duncan and Georgia Duncan stand behind a table with Witchy Bath Bomb merchandise in a store.

“I experienced a difficult rejection when trying to get a job, which at the time felt overwhelming and like a big setback. To get through that, I worked with my family and Employment Pathways Coach on building my own micro-business to gain some new skills.

“That’s why I started Witchy Bath Bombs with my mother, Lesley Duncan. We create bath bombs together which helps people when they feel overwhelmed and want to calm down.

“When we started the business, I was worried due to my lack of knowledge, but now I'm feeling alright with it now and I feel like I can do this, you know.”

“They are called Witchy Bath Bombs because they’re a bit witchy. Some have to do with seasons, the witch wheel of the year, and the phases of the moon.

“My favourite one has to be the Amethyst Crystal Bath Bomb, the first one in my own little line I'm creating called 'Crystal Bombs'.

"The Crystal Bombs have a crystal embedded in them that you can hold on to and it is calming. The oils that are chosen are compatible with the crystals. Like, sandalwood oil is very compatible with amethyst crystal, and the rose quartz bomb is going to have Ylang Ylang oil extract.

“A proud moment for me was taking Witchy Bath Bombs to Life Without Barriers’ Hand-to-Hand craft shop in Newcastle Mall during our launch phase. Putting our products in the shop was a fun and positive experience.

“I’m looking forward to our first Christmas with Witchy Bath Bombs and seeing how we can help more people in the Newcastle community have moments of calm, peace and self-care over the holiday period.”

Georgia’s employment journey has led her to develop new skills and helped her confidently connect with her Caves Beach community. Through YPEP, she connected with Eduardo, her employment pathways coach, who has been with her every step of the way and works with her on creating spreadsheets, budgets, marketing, and administration.

To get your own Witchy Bath Bombs call 0403283847, find them on Instagram @witchy8952 or visithttps://witchy-bath-bombs.company.site/

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