8 February 2024

Life Without Barriers recognises today’s formal apology by Jacinta Allen and the State Government to Victorians who experienced historical abuse and neglect as children in institutional care before 1990.

For the many people impacted over decades including children removed from their homes, people with disabilities, migrant children and orphans, today’s apology is the necessary and important recognition of the physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect while placed in orphanages, children’s homes, missions and other out-of-home care from 1928 - 1990.

Claire Robbs, Chief Executive of Life Without Barriers said the apology is an important step in recording people’s right to justice and to ensure such abuses are prevented in the future.

“Life Without Barriers supports the step taken by the Victorian Government to formally and publicly apologise to people whose lives have been deeply impacted by abuses whilst in institutional settings.

“Many of these children grew up without having the basic right of knowing their family or siblings, they were denied connection and identity, and that grief and trauma is unimaginable.

“Today’s apology is an important step to recognising the suffering and long-term impacts of abuse people have experienced whilst in institutions that were trusted to provide safety and care.

“It is my genuine hope that the apology made today results in our communities being aware and engaged on the safety we all have towards children and young people.”

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