7 December 2023

Life Without Barriers, a national provider of disability services, welcomes the release of the NDIS review final report and its efforts to strengthen the NDIS for people with disability.

Claire Robbs, Chief Executive of Life Without Barriers said the implementation now must be led by people with disability.

 "The review provides 26 key recommendations and has been long awaited by people with disability, advocates and the service sector and is built from the direct experience and insight of people with disability across the country,” Ms Robbs said.

 “The Scheme belongs to people with disability and the recommendations made today have the potential to be a real turning point.

 “It is critical that as we look at the recommendations in this review, we are led by people with disability. That’s what putting people back at the centre of the NDIS is in action.  

 “We fully support the proposal put forward endorsed by a number of Disability Representative Organisations, calling for the establishment of a Disability Reform Implementation Council. The conception of a Reform Council could be truly transformative in how Governments, the sector and people with disability work together to realise and create a simpler, fairer and more equitable system.  

 “I am encouraged to see the review’s findings which recognise the need to change the planning system to enable better and more flexible plans that genuinely meet individual needs. Most importantly, it outlines that NDIS plans will not arbitrarily be changed or cut.

 “As one of the largest providers of Home and Living supports, Life Without Barriers is uniquely positioned to understand that nothing is more personal than where and how someone chooses to live.

 “Supporting choice, particularly when it comes to housing options, is critical. For far too long, people with disability - especially people with intellectual disability have been substantially limited in where they live, how they live and who they live with, if anyone at all.

 “Life Without Barriers is actively engaged in the Australian Disability Dialogue and its efforts to bring collaboration to the table to reform housing choices for people with disability. We are very clear this is an absolute priority for us in the coming 12 months and we will be investing substantial time and effort to ensure the scheme is simpler, fairer and more equitable.”

Life Without Barriers began as a local provider of services in Newcastle and over the past 25 years has become one of Australia’s most experienced providers of NDIS supports. Life Without Barriers currently supports around 5,000 people with disability each year.

Access the Easy Read version of the NDIS Review Final Report - A better NDIS - NDIS Review recommendations and actions

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