11 May 2021

Life Without Barriers Chief Executive Claire Robbs welcomes the Federal Government’s barrier breaking funding for aged care, which will meaningfully improve the lives of elderly Australians.

The historic $17.7 billion reform package promises to boost the sector and build a bigger, better paid and highly trained workforce. This workforce will also be key to increasing support for people living with disabilities and mental health needs.

Ms Robbs says, “it is a relief to see the Federal Government’s necessary investment to fill gaps in the delivery of support to elderly Australians. Older Australians have substantial need of increased access to in home support and this budget response seeks to acknowledge and address that need.

“This investment will help clear Home Care Packages wait lists, improve the quality of care and offer older Australians a workforce of better skilled and trained carers by approximately 80,000 people.

“Life Without Barriers has a proud history of delivering great services in changing people’s lives for the better, and our commitment to a more inclusive, equitable future for our older generation remains firm."

As of September 2020, there were 99,268 people who have been assessed as needing care, and many of those have been waiting for more than a year for a package that meets their needs. Aged care programs assisted about 1.3 million people over 2019-20.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care provided a clear outline for changes necessary in the sector and the Government responded in the budget with a five-year aged care reform plan.

“We welcome the government’s response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission to improve safety and quality and the availability of aged care services, including improved in home care supports," Ms Robbs said.

“We will look for opportunities where we can contribute our knowledge, resources and ideas to the reforms in particular to the development of the announced ‘new support in home care program."

Life Without Barriers supports the financial and strategic dedication the aged care sector will receive from the federal government, that will not only impact the lives of Australians now, but for generations to come.

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