19 February 2021

Life Without Barriers is joining the campaign to ensure the National Building Code meets minimum accessibility standards so that people with disability can have the same housing options as all Australians.

Life Without Barriers is committed to invigorating living choices for people with disability that help facilitate meaningful connections and fairness and opportunity to how people want to live.

Chief Executive, Claire Robbs says, “The Building Better Homes campaign is raising the very real issue that many people are excluded from suitable housing because accessibility is simply not considered. A safe, secure home that recognises people’s needs should be easy to access in our country."

"Bringing a minimum standard into the National Building Code is overdue and a powerful step in creating greater access in housing for so many people."

A 2020 survey of people with mobility impairment found over 73 percent of respondents were living in housing that does not meet their needs.

Over the next 40 years, the number of Australians with a mobility limitation due to disability is estimated to double from three million to six million.

Additionally, as our population ages, the demand for accessible housing will increase. Over 80 percent of older Australians aged over 55 want to live in their own home as they age, however our supply of accessible housing isn’t projected to cover that demand.

Currently only five percent of new home builds comply with the voluntary Livable Housing Guidelines, in place since 2010.

Life Without Barriers supports over 1,400 people living in more than 400 residential settings across Australia and acutely acknowledges the need for accessibility in housing and will continue pursuing opportunities to support people in new and innovative housing models which maximise choice and independence.

As Building Ministers from across Australia meet soon to consider whether to include mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the National Building Code, Life Without Barriers pledge to campaign for the hundreds of thousands of Australians with disability who cannot access housing that meets their needs.

Join the Building Better Homes campaign and read more here.

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