16 March 2020

Social purpose organisation Life Without Barriers is recognising Western Australia’s Foster & Kinship Carer Week by celebrating the invaluable efforts of the state’s dedicated foster and kinship carers.

There are over 4,400 children currently in out-of-home-care in Western Australia, and it is WA based foster and kinship carers who play a vital role in ensuring that some of the state’s most vulnerable youth are supported and nurtured in a family environment.

“Foster and kinship carers make a remarkable difference by providing children with a positive and stable home environment while they are unable to live with their families,” Life Without Barriers’ WA Director Jennie Burns said.

“It is a challenging but rewarding role that relies heavily on help from people who are willing to open both their hearts and their homes. Foster and kinship carers are extraordinary individuals who help some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us.”

With many children in the community still in need of care, Life Without Barriers is urging people across the state to consider changing the life of a young person by becoming a foster carer.

“At Life Without Barriers, we’re always looking for empathetic people who are willing to support children and youth in need,” Ms Burns said.

“The reality is that there are many vulnerable children who encounter the child protection system and who are placed in out-of-home care. By becoming a foster carer, you’re giving a child the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Ms Burns said that Life Without Barriers encouraged people from all walks of life to consider fostering – including same-sex couples, people from different cultural and religious backgrounds and those living with a disability.

“We welcome anyone who is ready and willing to put children first. Our main priority is to recruit foster carers who are open, empathetic and committed to helping children heal and grow.

“Children come into care for a range of reasons. Some have experienced trauma, and some exhibit challenging behaviours as a result of this trauma. We need people who are able to include these children in their lives and to work with them – and their families – to help them heal.”

Life Without Barriers offers comprehensive support to all foster carers – including tailored training, 24/7 on-call assistance and a tax-free allowance. Carers will also form part of a ‘carer network’, allowing them to share anecdotes and get advice from more experienced carers.

Depending on the type of care required, foster carers may be supported to work with birth families to return children safely home.

“Nationally, there are over 45,000 children in out-of-home care – a rate of 8.2 per 1000 children. With a child entering care every 45 minutes in Australia, foster carers are needed now more than ever,” Ms Burns said.

“If you think you are ready to make a real difference, please get in touch with the team at Life Without Barriers today.”

If you are interested in
becoming a foster carer, find out more at:

  • Beafostercarer.com.au

  • carers@lwb.org.au

  • 1300 592 227

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