18 April 2023

Alliance20, representing many of Australia’s largest disability providers, welcomes today’s announcement from the NDIS Minister, the Hon Bill Shorten, on the future of the NDIS.

Alliance20 organisations, which are long standing service providers supporting thousands of Australians with disability, strongly support the reforms to the scheme. We believe that these reforms are necessary to ensure the efficient and effective ongoing provision of supports to the people we support, many of whom have high and complex needs.

We acknowledge and support the six key areas announced by the Minister. This includes the fundamental need for people with disability being able to engage with well trained staff and have long-term plans that meet their needs and circumstances.

Established organisations, such as those in Alliance20, are completely distressed by the ongoing reports of rorts in the scheme. Australians with disability cannot have their support funds ripped off by unscrupulous entities. Furthermore, we echo the Minister’s call on state and territory governments to make sure that all aspects of our community support Australians with disability.

We also look forward to working with government on further examination of the costs of supports. Alliance20 organisations have a long history of providing efficient and value for money services that are directed by people with disability. We also want to share with the Minister our ongoing work to reform Supported Independent Living services so that they meet the 24/7 needs of people with very high needs in contemporary environments.

Rob White, Chief Executive of Cerebral Palsy Alliance and chair of the Alliance20, said "This is a real turning point for the scheme. The government and Minister have set a very positive tone for the ongoing work and partnering with people with disability and the provider sector that is required to ensure the scheme is the world’s best.”

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