Our reason for being

Life Without Barriers has a strong history which defines us and gives us focus and determination for the future. Our purpose is to partner with people to change lives for the better. It is reflected in our values, portrayed in our vision, intertwined within our culture and is at the forefront of everything we do.

We are driven and determined, creating an environment where anything is possible. Together we are formidable, we gain strength from one another, obtain wisdom from our diversity and are united in our pursuit of creating something unique with the people we support. We are passionate and promote an innovative mindset, we think outside the box and strive to make a difference – we get fired up by our purpose, and we promote a single focus: people we support are first - always.

Our Values

  • Relationships
    Relationships come first. It's more than just working together, it's understanding one another, making lasting connections and building trust. Our relationships are strong and enduring and have the power to impact real change.
  • Courage
    We have the courage to challenge the status quo and the resolve to do something about it. We are a collective who encourage people we support to lead the change they want in their lives.
  • Imagination
    We know the importance of imagination to see what is possible, what works. We are always open to new ways of doing things - And we do so openly and willingly.
  • Responsiveness
    We respond appropriately and promptly to individual, and community needs, and we appreciate the importance of agility and partnering to find solutions.
  • Respect
    We are respectful of people's rights, the viewpoints of others and try to see the world from a diverse and inclusive perspective.
“With imagination, respect, courage and responsiveness as our compass in all relationships, we never forget the value of trust placed in us to provide reliable supports that exceed expectations. Our values are our true compass and define how we work.”
Claire Robbs, Chief Executive