Our Values

Who we are is defined not just by how we look and talk but more importantly by what we do and our values.

  • We build relationships
    We are people people, relationships come first. Listening helps us understand.
  • We are imaginative
    We are imaginative in our thinking and open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • We are respectful
    We are respectful and caring in our dealings. We see the big picture but never lose sight of the detail. We welcome diversity.
  • We are responsive
    We are responsive to needs, determined to get things done and do them well.
  • We are courageous
    We are courageous in our convictions. We stand up for what we believe in.

How we work

For us relationships come first. It's more than just working together, it's understanding one another, making lasting connections and building trust. We help clients to believe in themselves again. Our relationships are strong and enduring.

We also know the importance of imagination and what works but we are always open to new ways of doing things- from our clients, from team members. And we do so openly and willingly.

We are courageous and we stand up for what we believe in. We are people with strong opinions on what's right for our clients and communities in which we operate. We speak up on behalf of our clients and encourage them to have the confidence to speak up for themselves.

We are respectful of others' viewpoints and try to see the world fom the perspective of others.

We respond appropriately and promptly to individual and community needs and we are not afraid to get engaged and 'get our hands dirty' in order to find a solution.

We work together to deliver our services through demonstrating our values.