Life Without Barriers is a charitable organisation who partners with people to change lives for the better. In no way do we condone, support or contribute, either directly or indirectly to Modern Slavery.

Our Modern Slavery statement

We acknowledge that as an active participant in global supply chains, that we have the capability and obligation to take comprehensive steps to safeguard the impact we have on people through our procurement. This commitment extends to all our wholly owned subsidiaries.

As a national provider of social services, we are committed to preserve, uphold and respect human rights by complying with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). This means we have procedures in place to mitigate and eradicate the risk of exploitive practises in our supply chains.

In turn, we expect all our employees, contractors or volunteers to equally commit to the eradication of such practises in their supply chains in line with the Act.

We are committed to demonstrating the utmost transparency in our procurement practices, to work in partnership with suppliers to sustain a high standard of ethics and to maintain vigilance on the role we play to support eradicating modern slavery.

Mitigation steps against the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain will include:

  • Review of the supply chains

  • Review of the tender process

  • Review of our supply contacts, and

  • Identifying key categories of products and services that we procure with a higher propensity for modern slavery risk

There is a clear and critical need for all organisations to knowingly commit to practices that protect vulnerable people from the devastating impacts of modern slavery.

Modern Slavery Statement | Easy English

Modern Slavery Statement | PDF