Our year in review

A snapshot of how we partnered with people to change lives for the better in 2019

Welcome from Chief Executive, Claire Robbs

When courage meets action, lives change. We are passionate about supporting people to live the life they want to live. In this past financial year we have partnered with over 23,000 people to support them to achieve their goals. Our job is to first and foremost, build relationships, so that each person's support is designed by them, for them. You will see this emphasis on relationships woven throughout the work we do.

There is fantastic work happening every day at Life Without Barriers and I am proud to be able to share a snapshot of this work here with you. Thank you for your continued belief in our commitment to partner with people to change lives for the better.

Claire Robbs, Chief Executive

Our year by the numbers

Financial year 18/19

Key milestones

July, 2018

Joblife opened its doors. This year Joblife has supported more than 350 people with disability into meaningful, ongoing employment or training.

August, 2018

MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ joins our other evidence-based practices CARE and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.

October, 2018

The Alliance20 launches, bringing together Australia's largest and most influential disability service providers to champion a better NDIS.

April, 2019

Life Without Barriers welcomes 679 participants from the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria as part of the Government's divestment of NDIS services.

March, 2019

Our committment to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities continues with the development our Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan.

May, 2019

Our Access, Inclusion and Employment plan launches as we continue to champion disability employment, diversity and inclusion.

Supporting people with disability

This year we partnered with 6,098 people with disability to help them live the life they want to live. We are people people, which means relationships come first.

We support people in a variety of settings such as Supported Independent Living, Supported Disability Accommodation and through centres in the community. Our clients have a range of goals that we partner with them to achieve, including being more involved in their community, gaining meaningful employment, building independent living skills and strengthening connections with family. Here is a snapshot of how we have supported people to live the life they choose.

Supporting children, families and foster carers

This year we provided out-of-home-care to 4,673 children and young people. We strengthened our support for children in care and foster carers this year through:


Our IFES team in Tasmania is working alongside parents to keep kids at home and out of foster care.
Meet Stacey, who entered care at 4 years old and is now flourishing as a young adult.
MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ connects foster carers, children and families in a local community.

Partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

We believe that reconciliation should not just live in the hearts and minds our staff, but in our hands as well. Through our Reconciliation Action Plan we are committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, clients and their families in a way that is culturally appropriate, respecting their traditions and deep connection to country. This year we:

  • Welcomed 141 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to our organisation.
  • Supported numerous Return to Country trips and cultural camps for children and young people in foster care and people with disability.
  • Partnered with 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to ensure our work is culturally informed and respectful.
  • Delivered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture e-learning to 2,547 staff and a further 408 staff through face-to-face training.
  • Celebrated and acknowledged key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events including participating in 60 NAIDOC community events.
  • Supported Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses with a total spend of $586,000 in goods and services.
  • Embedded cultural support plans for children in foster care.