Teaching our evidence-based approach

Our Stride team is here to help agencies to improve the outcomes for the young people they support through the evidence-based approaches, programs and training we offer.

Our team was created to share our experience, learnings and knowledge and to partner with agencies who choose to adopt the models we offer. We can help external agencies select the right programs for them – those that will best support the children and families their organisation provides services to. We strive to build awareness of our evidence informed approaches, what services we offer, and our growing partnerships with universities and researchers.

“I’m really enjoying it. We were in crisis before we met Ben and although only at week four, there is already a difference. He is a great fit for our family.”

Mother who completed an MST program

Our programs

Life Without Barriers' implements the following models internally and holds licenses to replicate these models with other agencies.

CARE model

A trauma-informed, principle-based model designed to create the conditions for change in organisations providing services to children and families.


Innovating the support provided to foster and kinship carers to create caring homes with family, culture and community.

Multisystemic Therapy

The approach, Multisystemic Therapy®, is scientifically proven. Working with families in need so that their children can realise their potential.

Youth Advoctate Program (YAP)

Connecting young people with a mentor during their transition from residential care or away from involvement with youth justice.

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