Design for good

The Stride Design and Innovation team are on top of the latest research and work with internal teams, research partners , sector agencies, carers, children, young people and families to design, trial, evaluate and help solve problems in child, youth and family services and practice. The Design and Innovation team coordinates research partnerships and external publications, and takes a strength-based and collaborative approach to design and innovation that is congruent with the CARE: Creating conditions for change model.

Design for change begins with what we believe: The importance of CARE in our work

The CARE model is the foundation of all our design and innovation work. All of our design and innovation work is "checked" against the 6 CARE principles - not only in the end product, but also in our approach to design. For example, we involve families in the design process and ensure everything we do is trauma informed. Children and young people are part of families so this means we seek children's participation as well as adults. We also take a relationship-based approach, building relationships among design team members and learning from each other.

Our approach

Our approach to service design is evidence informed in the fullest sense of the word. We draw on evidence from three key sources of knowledge.

  • Research knowledge is drawn from empirical studies and literatureoften in the form of a formal and written evidence scan.

  • Expertise knowledge, also known as practice wisdom, is drawn from practitioners, carers and their experience.

  • Lived experience knowledge is drawn from children and families, how they experience practice and what they find helpful (or not).

We always collaborate. We work with staff, carers and families to explore, design, trial (initiate) and sustain new initiatives. This approach draws on implementation science and uses a framework proposed by Hateley -Browne et al (2015).

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