Caring for children with disability

Children with a disability have the same rights and needs as other children

  • a loving home
  • a community
  • an education
  • a pathway to employment
  • a family
  • a network of friends

Caring for someone with a disability requires a significant commitment - providing for their everyday needs, ensuring they are connected to their families, are valued members of their community, and reach their full potential.

All children need the care of loving adults, time with friends and a wide range of life experiences.

Carer Learning Pathways

We each have a vital role in providing care for children and young people who are likely to have experienced trauma in their lives. While caring for a child or young person unconditionally is important, it is not enough alone. We also need to increase our knowledge and skills so we can respond to their needs. One of the ways we can achieve this is by engaging with Life Without Barriers Carer Learning Pathways content located on myLearning.

Caring for a child with a disability requires commitment to providing for their everyday needs, ensuring they are connected to their families and reach their full potential. At Life Without Barriers we support people to build their caring knowledge - click here to learn more about the courses available to support children with a disability.

Carer Learning Pathways for carers of children with disability

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Resources - support and information

Raising children

Australian Government

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Australian Capital Territory: ACT Office for Disability

New South Wales: NSW Department of Family and Community Services – Disability and inclusion

Northern Territory: NT Government – Disability services

Queensland: Queensland Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors – Disability Connect Queensland

South Australia: Government of South Australia – Disability

Tasmania: Communities Tasmania - Disability

Victoria: Victorian Department of Health and Human Services – Disability

Western Australia: WA Department of Communities – Disability services

Taking care of yourself

The experience of caring for a child with disability can be very rewarding. Seeing a child with a disability responding to care, growing in capacity, and developing their relationships is a powerful experience. However, it can also have a significant effect on the emotional and social aspects of your life.

Learn to read the signs of your own stress and respect your limitations. It is easy to override initial signs that you are becoming tired.

It is important to regularly discuss your own needs with your Care Team and maintain your own health and well-being. This is important for your own welfare, and the welfare of your family and the children who are in your care.

Want to become a carer?
To become a foster carer your ability to care and nurture a child is what really matters.
To learn more, visit the LWB foster care website