Developmentally focused modules

All children have the same basic drive towards growth and development, and many children in care need extra support to engage with their capacity to grow and develop. The mylearning modules in this category assist Carers to teach developmentally appropriate skills, provide children with opportunities to practice newly learned skills, and adjust activities so children can succeed.

MyLearning modules in this section

Understanding and supporting teenagers

Time: 30 minutes

The rapid pace of change and development through adolescence and the teenage years can be confronting for teenagers and their Carers alike. Building and maintaining the relationship with teenagers in your care is important, as it provides the ongoing support teenagers require to navigate through puberty into adulthood.

Sex, sexuality and relationships

Time: 20 minutes

Conversations with children about sex and relationships can be daunting. Even so, Carers need to create supportive and safe environments which allow these conversations to occur. Learn the importance of discussing sex, sexuality and relationships with children, the definitions relating to sexuality, sexual orientation and gender, and strategies for discussing sex, sexuality and relationships with children.

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Time: 15 minutes

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder - provides introductory information on what the term means, how it is diagnosed and how to assist a child on the spectrum in your care.

Understanding physical disability

Time: 15 minutes

This module helps us understand what physical disability means, the importance of inclusion and participation for a child with a physical disability and how to support them.

Understanding intellectual disability

Time: 15 minutes

This module helps us develop an understanding of intellectual disability. What is the difference between developmental delay and intellectual disability? What are the signs, and how is it assessed? Learn strategies to assist children with an intellectual disability.

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