What is Social and Community Participation?

We understand how important it is to support people with disability to be part of the community. It’s like a boost of independence, and that feel-good factor. Under the NDIS, 'Social and Community Supports' is all about supporting people to take part in the outings and activities that they want to.

This might include using local facilities and services, checking out social activities, going to events, and diving into community life. It's about getting out there, making connections, and trying new things.

About our Social and Community Participation services

Life Without Barriers offers a wide range of activities to increase your social interactions, community participation and recreational pursuits. For instance, you could take a filmmaking course, visit a working farm, join a band (like the Black Fireflies), or do something else entirely. We provide temporary, short-term and long-term support, in your home, in one of our centres or hubs, or out in the community.

We’ll be guided by you and what you would like to try.

What kind of activities can you support me with?

There's a whole range of things to explore, all fitting different tastes and likes.

Maybe you want to get creative, try dancing, acting, learning arts and crafts, gardening, or develop your rhythm and experience music therapy or sensory room.

You can build your independence by getting your Learner’s Permit, developing your computer skills, finance skills and budgeting, or cooking!

Does Life Without Barriers offer group activities?

Yes, we do. You might know these as community programs, centre-based programs or day services, where you can join us for the day in one of our centres.

Our centres coordinate a great calendar of activities that include things happening at the centre and activities where you’ll head out for activities such as swimming or fishing, or visiting a library or park.

How do I access funding?

Social and Community Supports are NDIS funded. These supports can be under different categories in your NDIS plan. Talk to our team to learn more.

Where are our centres located?

We have locations across New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia, so there’s a good chance we have a day centre or program near you.

Each location has its own calendar of activities full of things that you may enjoy!

New South Wales (NSW)

Discover more about supports near you

Life Without Barriers offers various services to support people with disability living independently in their own homes. These include drop-in support at your home, assistance with domestic tasks, help with attending appointments, and support with shopping.