Discover your creative potential 

At our Broadmeadow Hub, we believe in the power of creativity, music, and self-expression to transform lives. We offer different day program options like:  

  • Performance Troupe: share your talents through performance, dance and acting, in a supportive group setting.  

  • The workshop: develop woodworking skills and create pieces solo or with a group. 

  • Creative art: find your artistic style with hands-on activities.  

  • Drumming and music: try a new instrument at a music session, find your rhythm and beat.  

  • Busking and ‘The Band’: take your music talents to the next level by joining a band, practising together, and performing for the Newcastle community. 

  • Hand2Hand retail experience: learn what it is like working in a shop or/and sell your crafts.  

  • Cooking and catering: prepare tasty meals and work together to serve the community.  

  • Gardening: dig in and get your hands dirty, explore gardening and the outdoors.  

Do you want to try something not listed? Let us know and we will do our best. 

Some benefits you might expect

We spoke to the people we support about what they gained by joining on these activities, and they said:

  • A boost in confidence and getting creativity 

  • Making friends and working together 

  • Learning new skills and having fun. 

  • Making loud music

  • Being a part of the community! 

Join us today

Ready to learn more? Reach out today to join our warm and inclusive community. We are excited to have you join our creative group!