Carve out your place in the world.  

It can be hard to make new friends and find your people, but it’s one thing we’ve become very good at over the years. We will help you meet new people through our day programs. Some of the ways we do this are through clubs and groups such as:  

  • The Rainbow Committee: Do you like giving back to your community and planning social events? Then this is the group for you! Planning our social events for the year and coordinating donations for local charities are just a few of things you'll get to be apart of in this group.

  • Our Social Club: find other people like you looking for friendship and fun in their local area.  

  • Men’s Social Group: a safe place for men to come together to spend time, go on adventures or just chat.  

  • Community events: get involved in events and activities with other groups around the area. We have a yearly ball, charity events and more for you to connect with people. 

Some of the benefits you might expect

Everyone deserves to feel included and connected, this is a core focus for our Newcastle programs. Be it making a new friend or helping plan a local event, we are with you. Some benefits you might get out of getting involved are:  

  • Being a part of a community 

  • Exploring the local area and discovering new hobbies 

  • Making new friends and feeling a part of the community  

  • Being more confident 

  • Planning a big party 

Join our community today

Become a part of our community today, we have been waiting for you!