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Learning Without Barriers presentation series for Australian Teacher Aide (ATA)

Presentation 1: Understanding the Impact of Adversity and Trauma on Behaviour in Schools

In this webinar, Michelle discusses the neurodevelopmental impacts of significant adversity or trauma on children’s development and engagement, and will help you develop a better understanding of the impact on student behaviour.

Presentation 2: Strategies To Support Students Who Have Experienced Adversity and Trauma

In this webinar, Michelle returns to explore evidence based strategies that we can use to support children and young people at school, who have experienced significant adversity and/or trauma, help them to break down the barriers, and engage in learning.

Presentation 3: Making the most of education plans to advocate for children and young people in education

In this webinar, Michelle talks about making the most of education plans to advocate for children and young people in education. Children in Out of Home Care have a right to an education plan that genuinely removes barriers to doing well at school. 

During this presentation, Michelle will unpack what education support plans are and how you can use them to support children and young people in their education. 

Life Without Barriers - Australian Teacher Aide

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