Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for families

CARE is supported by the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families (TCI-F) system. TCI-F is a crisis prevention and intervention model. It teaches carers how to help children handle stress in constructive ways.

Children can learn constructive and adaptive ways to deal with frustration, failure, anger, rejection, hurt, and depression when they see their carers manage crisis constructively.

Through TCI-F we can learn to

  • Prevent or de-escalate a potential crisis situation with a child
  • Safely and therapeutically manage crisis situations
  • Be able to process with children to help improve their coping strategies.

The effective application of the principles of the CARE model and the TCI-F system will assist in providing a safe and nurturing environment for our children, in which they can experience co-regulation with the support of an adult, and over time learn and develop self-regulation.

Talk to your care team for more information.

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