Support and Supervision

At Life Without Barriers (LWB), all our employees and carers participate in regular Supervision. While our funders and regulators require us to conduct Supervision, it is a great opportunity for each of us to receive support to continue ensuring children are safe and doing well.

LWB Carer key workers (Carer supervisors) regularly supervise the carers they support. There are four functions to this supervision support process which are:

  • Support - children need us to be supported to give them our best.
  • Accountability - there are rules to follow and tasks to get done.
  • Learning - what do children need me to know and practice?
  • Teamwork - ensuring we all work together in the children's best interests.

For further information please read Support and Supervision - a guide for Carers or speak with your carer supervisor.

You can learn more about how we support carers by visiting our Carer support website.

Want to become a carer?
To become a foster carer your ability to care and nurture a child is what really matters.
To learn more, visit the LWB foster care website