Practical ideas for cultural connection

Practical ways you can promote connections with culture and identity include

  • Recognise and support the role of familes
  • Celebrate all cultures and respect diversity
  • Ask about special cultural or religious needs of the child, eg food, clothing and religion
  • Gather information about the child's community and share with them in an age appropriate way
  • Encourage children to talk about their family and community
  • Encourage children to get involved in their community - take them to cultural activities and events
  • Network with carers of the same cultural background as the child, our multicultural workers and multicultural services
  • Identify significant people in the child's life who can help them maintain links to their community
  • Provide opportunities for children to make friends with children and adults from their own culture
  • Support children's interests in their culture by providing books, toys, music and videos in their language
  • Learn the child's original language with them
  • Celebrate major cultural events and traditions as a family
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