Our history and our story

Our History

Since opening our doors in 1995, we have grown from a small team in Newcastle NSW, supporting a handful of people living with a disability, to a national organisation with over 8,000 employees, carers and volunteers, providing services to more than 16,000 clients.

We have offices in every state and territory in Australia, as well as operations in New Zealand. We support children needing out of home care, people living with mental health, refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people, and young people in the justice system.

Our foster care services deliver meaningful outcomes for children and their families, with an emphasis on building safe, stable and nurturing relationships.

Our Story

The LWB Story is a one hour film that shows our journey.

You can watch the LWB Story without subtitles here

You can watch the LWB Story with subtitles here

Want to become a carer?
To become a foster carer your ability to care and nurture a child is what really matters.
To learn more, visit the LWB foster care website