Maintaining cultural connections

If you are a non-Aboriginal carer of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child, or a carer of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child from another family or community it’s important to help the child in your care maintain connections to their family, community and culture. Some ways to do this include

  • Meet and get to know family members including parents, siblings and extended family - it is helpful to meet and get to know elders from children’s communities
  • Gather as much information as possible about their community
  • Promote interest in their culture by providing books, music, art and opportunities to participate in cultural activities
  • Encourage and participate in conversations about their family and community
  • Be involved in community activities and events
  • Network with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers, workers and services in your area
  • Identify significant people in the child’s life who can assist in maintaining links with their community
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