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Licensing and accreditation of LWB

Licensing and accreditation of LWB

Just as you have been screened and assessed as a suitable carer, we are assessed and monitored by the Government to ensure we are a suitable organisation to care for children. You might hear this process referred to as licensing, accreditation, registration, or certification.

Service Standards

The criteria for the licensing of a foster care service vary between states, but mainly focus on the ability to

  • Provide information to children, particularly about accessibility, policies and procedures, complaints, and appeals processes
  • Ensure children participate in decisions affecting them, and are involved in services they receive
  • Uphold the rights of children
  • Keep children connected to family, and involve families in their children’s lives
  • Keep children connected to their culture and identity
  • Comply with standards for care environments
  • Recruit, assess, train, approve, support, monitor, and supervise carers
  • Manage children’s records
  • Maintain records about carers, employees, contractors, and volunteers
  • Maintain reporting systems, particularly breaches of standards and incidents involving harm to children
  • Meet guidelines relating to financial management
Want to become a carer?
To become a foster carer your ability to care and nurture a child is what really matters.
To learn more, visit the LWB foster care website