Induction and preparation modules

At Life Without Barriers, we provide a safe and supportive home for children who cannot live with their families. The myLearning eLearning Induction and Preparation modules in this category are designed to equip new carers with important knowledge and skills about their role to prepare them for their first child. Life Without Barriers recommend that new carers complete all modules in this category within the first three months of their authorisation.

MyLearning modules in this section

Introduction to Out-of-Home Care

Time: 35 minutes

Discover how our Family-Based Care services, and your care, support the safety and well-being of children. Learn about trauma, how it affects children, and how your attributes, beliefs, and skills can help children overcome traumatic experiences.

Disability Awareness for Out-of-Home Care

Time: 30 minutes

All children need the care of loving adults, time with friends and a wide range of life experiences. Like all children, caring for a child with a disability requires a commitment to providing for their everyday needs, ensuring they are connected to their families, are valued members of their community, and reach their full potential. Discover the different kinds of support a child with a disability may require and strategies to support them.

We Put Children First – understanding child sexual abuse

Time: 30 minutes - Mandatory module

Understand more about child sexual abuse and how to respond to children at risk of harm. Learn LWB’s stance on child safety and our shared responsibility, including how to raise concerns about the safety of children.

We Put Children First – understanding harmful sexual behaviour

Time: 30 minutes - Mandatory module

Every day, LWB offers support and care to children. We all have a responsibility to make sure their safety comes first – and that they’re well cared for, protected from abuse, and given the respect they deserve. This module improves our understanding of harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people.

Allegations and complaints

Time: 25 minutes

There are times when allegations and complaints are made about adults supporting children in care. When this happens, there may need to be an investigation. This module provides information on the legislative, regulatory, and procedural requirements for allegations and complaints about harm or neglect of children and the roles and responsibilities of the government and LWB. The module describes how this happens and the support Carers can get during investigations and complaint processes.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Out-of-Home Care

Time: 25 minutes

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are overrepresented in out-of-home care. We must ensure connections to culture - this is essential to preserve a child’s sense of identity. Learn how LWB must meet requirements to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are not separated from their families, language, country and culture if they are placed in care.

The 7 Steps to Practical Reconciliation

Time: 60 minutes - Mandatory module

This course is an introduction to cultural awareness and will take you on a learning journey to understand Reconciliation Action Plans and to become an Ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The 7 topics in this module are:

  • Reconcilitaion and your RAP
  • Diversity, identity and stereotypes
  • History and stolen generations
  • Communication and cultural baggage
  • Kinship and sorry business
  • Closing the gap and privilege
  • Becoming an ally
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