In the kitchen

These are some simple things you can do to keep children safe in the kitchen


  • Keep knives safely out of reach
  • Locate a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in or close to the kitchen
  • Keep cleaning products and medications out of reach of children
  • Keep electrical cords for appliances like kettles and blenders out of reach
  • Wear slip-resistant footwear when working in the kitchen
  • Keep long clothes and dish towels clear of cook tops and burners
  • Don't reach across steam, fryers, stoves and other hot appliances
  • Secure food processor lids - be mindful of hot food in processors
  • Turn the power off before emptying food processors
  • Cook on the back burners where possible, positioning handles out of reach


  • Wash hands before preparing food, feeding young children, serving food or eating
  • Wash hands after handling raw food
  • Use a separate cutting board for meat
  • Rinse cleaning cloths and sponges after use and put somewhere to dry
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