The decision about whether the child in your care needs a haircut is yours to make. But there are some things to think about before you make this decision.

  • If they’re old enough let them make the decision in partnership with you
  • Don’t perm or colour hair, cut long hair short or dramatically change a hairstyle without the child’s consent, no matter what their age
  • If you and the child are considering a significantly different hairstyle, check with your care team first
  • Discussion with the child’s parents, or in some cases parental consent, might be required
  • For some Aboriginal children and children from other cultures a child’s first haircut can be an important part of their cultural rights
  • A baby’s first haircut is significant in most cultures - a haircut could cause significant problems for the child or family

See the links below to your state or territory based carer resource for more information.

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