Flu vaccination reimbursement for children and carers

Even though there is still much attention on COVID-19, contracting influenza (flu) can seriously impact individuals. As such, we should all consider receiving annual flu vaccination shots.

Health professionals recommend receiving annual flu shots in March each year, as immunity is strongest and most effective three to four months after vaccination.

How we are helping

To encourage our children, young people and Carers to protect themselves against contracting the flu, Life Without Barriers will reimburse up to $20.00 for individual flu vaccinations.

Claiming your vaccination reimbursement

To seek reimbursement, please provide your vaccination purchase receipt (s) with your contact and reimbursement information to your Carer Supervisor. Your Carer Supervisor will email our centralised, state-dedicated Shared Service Finance Officer, who will initiate your reimbursement into your bank account.

As with all health decisions, we recommend seeking medical advice to determine if receiving a flu shot is right for you or the child you support. For further vaccination information, please visit the Australian Government's Influenza (flu) vaccine page.

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